Bet Shalom Religious School

About Us

Our Religious School is committed to providing a safe, warm, and fun learning environment for children ages 3-18. We believe that learning is about so much more than the acquisition of knowledge and strive to create an experience where students feel connected to their peers, teachers, rabbis, and synagogue community.

Students who participate in our program will:

– Love being Jewish and find meaning in Jewish learning and ritual.
– See the synagogue as a place where they can build a base knowledge about Judaism and explore answers to their ever-developing questions about God, Torah, Israel, Jewish tradition, and its relevance to our lives today.
-Create connections and relationships with other students and families in order to build a vibrant community with whom to celebrate Shabbat, other Jewish holidays, and life cycle events together.
-Embrace a sense of obligation to make the world a better place by learning about Jewish values in the classroom and going out in our community to live those values.
-Develop a love for the Hebrew language by learning the foundational skills and vocabulary to confidently engage in American Jewish life and learning.
-Express a connection with Am Yisrael (the People of Israel), Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel), and Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel) historically and in modern times.

We openly welcome interfaith families who are raising their children as Jews and offer support to all parents as we work together as partners in the endeavor of Jewish Education.

For more questions about our Religious School program, or to register, please contact Ali King at ali.king@betshalom.org or at 952-426-6649.


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2020-2021 School Year Information


We are so excited for the 2020-2021 Religious school Year. The curriculum and structure allows us to do the following:

-Plan, implement, and deliver high-quality core curriculum.
-Enjoy Jewish music and prayer through Shira.
-Build a foundation for the Hebrew language through “Hebrew Through Movement” setting the stage for successful Hebrew decoding.
-Offer weekly Chugim classes which will allow students to explore multiple areas of Jewish life and give us the ability to offer in-person gatherings as well as virtual.
-Create an environment where students can continue to build relationships with their Jewish peers. This will be done both in core classes and with the options of signing up for chugim courses with others of their choosing.
-Learn to read Hebrew fluently through the 5th-7th grade years through our Hebrew Book Camp and Prayer work.
-Prepare for B’nai Mitzvah through trope lessons with the Cantor, our B’nai Mitzvah cohorts, and 1:1 tutoring.


Preschool-12th Grade Core Classes: These grade-level classes and will meet once a week virtually. All Preschool-5th grade will meet on Sunday mornings and 6th-12th grade will meet on Wednesday evenings.

Preschool-5th Grade Hebrew Through Movement & Shira: These will be joined during one session taking place on Sunday mornings.

5th-7th Grade B’nai Mitzvah Prep Classes: Students in these grades will have an added course related to Hebrew decoding and B’nai Mitzvah preparation. Depending on when B’nai Mitzvah dates occur, students will be assigned a course such as Hebrew Prayer Reading, Hebrew Boot Camp, Trope, or a B’nai Mitzvah cohort.

Preschool-12th Grade Chugim: All preschool-12th graders will choose from a series of Chugim (elective-style) classes to take. The schedule for these (along with course descriptions) will be communicated through a monthly calendar sent out the previous month and Signup Genius will be used for students to register for the classes they’d like to take.