Bet Shalom Religious School

About Us

Our Religious School is committed to providing a safe, warm, and fun learning environment for children ages 3-18. We believe that learning is about so much more than the acquisition of knowledge and strive to create an experience where students feel connected to their peers, teachers, rabbis, and synagogue community.

We hope our students will:

– Love being Jewish and find meaning Jewish learning and ritual
– Gain the skills to ask probing questions about Jewish text and tradition
– Acquire a base of knowledge about Judaism that will prepare them to engage in Jewish life beyond the walls of the synagogue.
– See the synagogue community as a place they can come with their ever-developing questions about God, Torah, Israel, Jewish tradition, and its relevance to our lives today.

We openly welcome interfaith families who are raising their children as Jews and offer support to all parents as we work together as partners in the endeavor of Jewish Education.

For more questions about our Religious School program, or to register, please contact Ali King at or at 952-426-6649.

Our students practicing Shmirat Ha'adamah (caring for the Earth) at Lake Harriet.

2019-2020 School Year Information