Hineni Class

As part of Hineni’s Summertime Jewish Learning Across the Twin Cities series, Cantor Schwartz will be teaching a session at Bet Shalom on Tuesday, August 13 entitled: How might seeing Judaism as a creative enterprise transform our relationship to it?

Cantor Schwartz writes, “Whether one views it as a religion, heritage, culture, family, nation, people, spiritual path, or civilization, Judaism was- and is- a created phenomenon. Its laws, practices, stories, customs, and rituals were conceived in the human imagination and entered into the world through creative action. Perceiving of it in this way opens up possibilities to appreciators of Judaism that may never have been considered before.” Please join him and other curious learners across the Twin Cities to explore how seeing Judaism as a creative enterprise might transform your relationship to it. 

If you’re interested, please call or email Rachel Calvert.

For more information about the summer sessions: CLICK HERE.