Food for Thought Forum: My Relationship with Israel

The Yom Kippur Food for Thought Forum is entitled, “My Relationship with Israel.”  This year at Bet Shalom, we have an added focus of providing opportunities for folks in our community to explore their own understanding and knowledge of, and relationship with, Israel.  Like any relationship, this part of Jewish identity grows and changes over time.  This forum for conversation is open to every person in our community whether you have a deeply rooted and well considered identification with Israel or if your connection is still a list of questions.  All are welcome and encouraged to join us and participate.

This Food for Thought Forum is not a political conversation or panel presentation.  This is a conversation between people who are in community together at Bet Shalom.  The group in attendance will sit in circles of 8-10 people and each will have a predetermined group leader to keep things moving.  Each group will have a collection of photos of something in Israel that can serve as prompts for reflection.  Each group will also have a “talking stick” and only the person holding the stick speaks so they are not overcome by anyone in the group.

We will go around the group four times during our time together.

1.  First Round:  Introductions (a goal of congregant conversations is making personal connections)

2.  Second Round:  What is your relationship/connection/experience with regard to Israel?

3.  Third Round:  Why did you pick that photograph?

4.  Fourth Round:  What is something you want to learn more about?