Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We endured another somewhat unexpected shortened week. On Monday, I was able to regroup and have some professional development with the staff, as well as work on planning in my room. This time is so precious to us, thank you for allowing us time to recharge our brains in order to be better teachers for your children. But then, the snow caused us to close school on Wednesday- making our week even shorter! No matter, I took just as many pictures as if we had a full week, as we managed to get in quite a few science experiments in just two short days.

Tuesday: Young scientists, unite! With lab coats (white t-shirts cut down the middle) and safety goggles, our Yarok learners got to work experimenting with bases and acids. We took some purple cabbage juice in test tubes, then added baking soda and vinegar separately. Ask your kids which mixture turned the purple to blue, and which to red. After changing the colors, the kids mixed both test tubes and magic! The potion bubbled!

We also introduced the letter U and had some review of all of our vowels, pointing out that these important letters make multiple sounds.

Thursday: First, we set up some botany observations. Taking the bottom part of a head of romaine lettuce, we placed it in a shallow dish of water. We are going to observe it for several days to see if anything grows. Next, we had fun hefting a half of a napa cabbage. After weighing it and measuring it with a ruler, I cut it in half about four inches from the bottom, leaving about five inches still connected at the top. The kids helped me mix up bowls of red and blue water. Then, I placed each half in a bowl of colored water. After two hours, the halves were beginning to color up the cabbage, showing capillary action. By Friday, the cabbage should be nicely colored!

The kids also tried an experiment showing surface tension in milk, using our leftover mild from snacktime. We poured it into shallow dishes from our play kitchen, added drops of food coloring, and then swirled it with q-tips covered in dishsoap. So fun and kind of mesmerizing.

Friday: Before Shabbat services, I hope to demonstrate another carbon dioxide gas reaction, again using baking soda and vinegar, but this time blowing up a balloon with the excess gas. After services and snack, I hope the weather will be just right for going outside for snow fun. Oh shovels, where art thou? No matter, we will have fun anyway.

A peek at next week: Dental health week! Each day we will focus on an aspect of dental health, adding a page to our “Healthy Smile” books.


Ms. Amanda