Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Pre-K families, 

This week we followed up our dinosaur bones unit with a unit on the different species of dinosaurs! We learned about velociraptors and did a draw along lesson with Ms. Langley. Miss Langley is back in our classroom and we are so glad to have her back with us!

On Tuesday we compared and contrasted triceratops with the styracosaurus and made dinosaur footprint paintings.

On Wednesday we learned about the stegosaurus and it’s qualities and made stegosaurus crowns.

On Thursday we talked about how different attributes of dinosaurs help them in different ways. We used playdough and pasta noodles to make dinosaur skeletons.

On Friday, we designed our very own dinosaurs using our knowledge of dinosaur attributes and the things we liked best about dinosaurs! 

This week we started a program called Second Step to add to our social emotional learning in the classroom. To start, we talked about being welcoming in our classroom to our friends and guests. We got a new friend in our class, Julien, the puppet. He is excited to join our class and help us practice social emotional learning! As a class we worked on morning greetings and brainstormed ways that we could welcome new students or guests into our classroom. 

Students have caught the acting bug! They have really enjoyed their Monster Theater classes, and have even been putting on their own fairy tale and dinosaur plays in the classroom during our free choice explore time. Additionally we are continuing to enjoy our doctor’s dramatic play area and our creative free time together. 

Fondly, Ms. Veronica and Ms. Langley