Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Pre-K families,

This week in pre-k we have become junior paleontologists as we studied dinosaur bones!

We discussed how dinosaurs had skeletons just like us, and we made our own tape-resist dinosaur watercolors with the resist showing where the bones are in the dinosaurs. We explored how fossils are made, and what they can tell us about the dinosaurs and animals that made them. We then made our own clay fossils by using plastic dinosaurs to make relief imprints on the clay. What I was most excited about for our junior paleontologists was working with them to excavate our own dinosaurs! First, we studied the process of excavating, and learned a song to help us prepare.

Earlier in the week we made dinosaur mud (oobleck) and allowed it to dry for several days. Finally when it was dry, we took the dried mold and used pick tools, brushes and toothpicks to excavate the dinosaur toy that was inside! Kids loved seeing what dinosaur they uncovered and learned more about each one. 

Next week is Vikings vs. Packers dress up day on Friday. Be sure to remind your child to wear their favorite team apparel in order to show their support! This week is also bringing the first of many snowfalls this season. We ask that if you do not have snow pants and boots at school already, that you send your child to school with them so we are prepared for all the weather that is to come. 

We also welcomed Ms. Hannah from the Adom room into our classroom this week. She will be with us until November 30th, at which point Ms. Langley will likely return to us once again! We are so glad she can be with us until Ms. Langley is able to return. 

Sincerely, Ms. Veronica and Ms. Hannah