Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Pre-K families, 

This week in our class we were putting an emphasis on kindness. The values that we are focusing on this month as a school are Kavod, Derech Eretz, and Gemilut Chasadim (respect, good behavior, and loving kindness). The way we are putting our focus on these values in our class is through bucket filling. This practice is based on Carol McCloud’s philosophy and published books. More information can be found on her website here: https://bucketfillers101.com. The general idea is that everyone has an invisible bucket that represents their mental and emotional selves. When we do kind things, we fill others’ buckets as well as our own. If we make choices that negatively affect others we dip into their bucket. 

This week we learned about our buckets, and how we can fill other buckets in class and out of school. We decorated our own mini buckets as classroom reminders to do our best to fill a bucket every day. Teachers are taking note of when students are being bucket fillers during the day and sending home positive notes. If you see your child saying or doing something kind, point it out and praise them for filling a bucket! 

This week was the last week of Soccer Shots, and next week is the first day of Monster Piece Theatre. This extracurricular program focuses on stories, dramatic play, and fun! For the next several weeks Ms. Langley will be taking a brief leave from our class while Ms. Hannah joins our class in her place. Langley should return to our class within the next couple of weeks! 


Ms. Veronica and Ms. Langley