Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Pre-k families!

This past week we were studying bones and skeletons. My goal was to make the idea of skeletons less scary, by learning more about them, and realizing how important they are for us! We started the week by reading a book called There is a Skeleton Inside You, which highlighted the importance of the skeleton for our body’s structure and function. I then brought a model skeleton into our class for further study. We came up with ideas for his name and put them to a vote. Though Mr. Bones, Skeletea, Mr. Tall, Mr. Large, Skelly and Rainbow were great names, we ended up deciding that Mr. Skinny Legs would be his official name! On Friday we learned the names of more bones in our body with a song and dance. 

We also took some time to study animal bones, and how they are similar and different compared to human bones. We examined animal skeletons and identified what animal they might be based on their attributes. Ms. Langley was kind enough to bring in real animal bones that she has collected through the years for further study. Our class also learned about the Latin American holiday of Day of the Dead. We made sugar skull masks, and paper ‘cempazuchitl’ flowers in connection to the holiday. 

This week we celebrated two birthdays for our classroom twins, Mia and Adam! We enjoyed donning party hats and eating a cupcake treat in celebration of their 5th birthday. We all had a fabulous week together, and can’t wait to learn more in our new month of November! 


Ms. Veronica and Ms. Langley