Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello pre-k families, 

This week we have been studying pumpkins in our classroom. We have been talking about the different parts of a pumpkin, talking about how they grow, learning about different types of pumpkins, and ways to enjoy them! We especially loved learning about blue and black variations of pumpkins that grow naturally. We went ‘pumpkin picking’ in Bet Shalom’s garden for some tiny pumpkins. When we got back, we predicted what our pumpkin’s measurements would be, observed our pumpkins closely, described their details, and then painted them. 

We decorated our classroom for fall with pumpkin suncatchers on the windows and pumpkin faces on the walls. Students also enjoyed our “Harvest Farms” dramatic play where we sold apples, apple cider donuts, apple drinks, and popcorn. Students made signs, products, and used their young entrepreneur skills to run the stand! 

This week we learned about and studied what makes objects float and sink. We learned about molecules and density and used this knowledge to help us predict  and describe why certain objects will sink and float! In addition to running tests in our classroom “lab” we went on a nature walk and tested natural materials in the pond outside the school. We had a marvelous time enjoying all the fun and beauty of fall together!


Ms. Veronica and Ms. Langley