Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Yarok Families, 

This week is National Fire Prevention Week. We have been learning about how we can practice fire safety at school and home. We also learned about fire stations and firefighters along with all they do to keep us and our community safe! 

We started the week with making a list of what we know about fire safety. Throughout the week we added to our list as we learned more. Something we are all working on, is knowing the emergency number, 911 and when it makes sense to use it. We made a tissue paper sign to help reinforce the number and practiced on our play phone. Ask your child if they can tell you the emergency number for extra practice at home!

During the week we went on a scavenger hunt for smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire hydrants, exit signs and sprinklers at our school. You can do the same thing in your home, and make sure to check for working batteries in your smoke detectors! 🙂

We practiced being firefighters at school with our dramatic play area. Students placed pretend 911 calls, got on their gear and took equipment with them to the “fire’s location”. They then made sure the scene was safe and put out the fire with our firehose! 

We also learned a poem together called 5 little firefighters. We had fun coming up with the motions and learning it together!

We had reminders for what our fire drills look like, and why they are important. I encourage you to make an exit plan with your child and pick a meeting place near your home as well so that your family can stay safe in the case of an emergency. 

It was a quiet week in our classroom, as many of our students are coming down with illnesses. Please make sure to check the email Katie sent on October 5th containing information on hand, foot, and mouth disease as well as diarrhea illnesses.  You can also reference the covid safety plan sent with the BSY weekly email for guidance if your child has been exposed. 

Stay happy and healthy, 

Ms. Veronica and Ms. Langley