Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Pre-K families, 

This week we wrapped up our celebration of Sukkot and began our celebrations for Simchat Torah! We made a sign for our classroom sukkah and enjoyed our music lesson this week in the shade of our outside sukkah. We practiced following directions by playing “Simon Says Arts and Crafts” and we made some decorations for our hallway while playing together! 

For Simchat Torah, we re-visited some of our favorite stories in the Torah like Noah’s Ark and The Creation Story, we made our own hand drawn picture Torahs, and made flags for our celebrations. Rabbi Crimmings is planning to spend some extra time with our class after Shabat answering questions and telling us more about the Torah as well.

During a free choice explore time, students became curious about whether magnets would work in the water. After creating a classroom hypothesis and designing a test to see whether our hypothesis is correct, we found that they do! Students enjoyed trying various magnets and objects as we explored this concept. 

In the big room, students have been spending a lot of time putting on shows together. They plan songs that they sing and dance to, sell tickets, and use ribbons while dancing for extra showmanship! 

We said ‘goodbye for now’ to our classroom friend Eliet. We shared cupcakes together and enjoyed one last ‘Shabbat Shalom’! We will miss him, but are excited for him to start in the PreK program in his home district. 

We can’t wait for another week at Bet Shalom Yeladim! 

Ms. Veronica and Ms. Langley