Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Pre-K families!
We really got into the swing of things this week in Pre-K. Students are doing well adjusting to our routines, and we are having a lot of fun along the way! Last week and continuing into this week we continued our studies of bees. We read many books to learn new facts, and decorated honey bees out of paint and collage as we learned about our new classroom tools like paint, scissors, and glue. As we learn, we are making a book to help teach and remind students how we use our materials safely and respectfully! We played several honey bee themed games including a “waggle dance find-it” where we had one person hide a small bee in the classroom and another person seek it by seeing how much the class would waggle dancing when they got closer to it’s location. We also  pretended we were worker bees and all worked together in our different roles to build our hive. 

Last week we learned about Yom Kippur and practiced Tashlich together by throwing biodegradable drawings of our apologies and oats into the pond. As we continue into the new year, we will be starting our classroom practice of Tzedakah together. We ask that you send coins into the classroom next week to help our students contribute in a big way to help those in our community. 

This week to celebrate Sukkot we created decorations for our school’s sukkah and had a picnic together enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We had fun taking turns waving the lulav and etrog and read some books with Ms. Amber and Ms. Katie. We also made our very own classroom sukkah, building the frame, collecting decorations on a nature walk, and decorating it together. 

Outside of our theme time we continued our morning meeting routine together by introducing new jobs like messenger and callendar helper into the classroom. We did so much building, drawing, creating, feeling, exploring and growing together these past two weeks and are excited for more!

Fondly, Ms. Veronica and Ms. Langley