Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We have had such a wonderfully busy week in PreK!  Our pond study is coming to an end, after three week filled with learning.  The kids are now frog, dragonfly and turtle experts.  With so much going on I am going to just write a sentence or two about all the different things and let the photos speak for themselves.

We started the week learning about turtles and creating our very own shrinky-dink turtle necklaces.  They turned out super cute!!  We also watched a short video about conservation efforts for pond turtles in Oregon.  Ask your kiddos about it. 

We hung out by the pond, checked out the cattails and reviewed what we had learned.

Since our playground is being resurfaced we spent a lot of time in the Big Room.  It was great timing since the air quality was so poor this week. 

We took walks to check the progress of the new turf on the playground and also watched out our windows.

We switched out some of the activities in the fine motor bins we work on after lunch each day.  Some new hits are the sticker letters and the name tracing (especially since they get to spray and wipe clean their writing once they are done).

As always, show and tell is very exciting.  It’s a great chance for each child to speak in front of the class. 

We learned about dragonflies and created our own dragonfly works of art with sticks (for the base/abdomen), pipe cleaners (for the thorax), colored coffee filters (for the 4 wings) and gems (for the compound eyes). We will finish them on Friday.

We had music with Cantor Havilio!

We signed in using a Venn Diagram.  The kids quickly grasped the concept – I told them they were super impressive because I used to teach my second graders about Venn Diagrams!

We also have been using our morning messages to discuss sight words (so far just “I” and “a”).  Exclamation points have been a big topic as well. Also during our morning meeting we have counted to 100 a few times while playing Obo-shin-oten-toten!

We closed out our pond unit by creating our own paper pond.  The kids could create whatever they wanted to go into our pond.  They dug into the task and came up with lots of creative ideas.  I will hang it outside our classroom so you all can check it out!

Finally, we said goodbye to our friend Hannah this week.  Her family is moving away for a great adventure.  We wish them all well and will truly miss them – they have been such a part of our Bet Shalom family.  We made a photo card for each child to look at and remember all their friends. 

I’m not sure yet what we will focus on next week.  Our brainstorming session was all across the board.  Likely it will involve science and possibly a rocket! 🙂

Shabbat Shalom!


Ms. Katie & Ms. Lily