Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

It was another fun week in the PreK room!  We added a new addition to our bakery dramatic play area.  We filled our sensory table with rice, bowls, spoons, measuring cups, pretend eggs and other baking supplies.  We also had recipe cards.  We pretended to scoop, measure, and follow the recipes.  Sensory tables are also great practice in managing our bodies in close proximity to others and sharing popular items. It was a big hit (and also a big mess – but that’s ok)!  

On Monday we started to learn about the life cycle of frogs.  We read a really cool book with actual photos of frog spawn, tadpoles and froglets.  We then each had a frog’s life booklet to color.  

We had added some new things to our morning meeting.  I am a big fan of super manners so we have been practicing handshakes with good eye contact as our morning greeting around the circle.  We also have been playing the clapping game you may remember from your childhood, Obo Shin Oten Toten.  You go around the circle with your hands layered with the people on either side of you.  You pass the clapping around the circle while you sing the song.  At the end you can either count up to a certain number or our twist has been to call out a student’s name and then spell it out – one letter with each clap.  I find anytime I add the kids’ names to things they seem to be more invested in them! 

On Tuesday we were off school – as you all know very well!  I want you to know we used our time for the benefit of your children and took part in some really great training sessions.  I learned some new teaching techniques I am very excited about and even started to implement them right away on Wednesday.  Thank you for your understanding and patience during a less than ideal situation. 

Wednesday we created the most charming little ponds together.  We read a few more books about ponds and then used playdoh as our base and layered on a variety of items to each create our own mini pond.  This was a huge hit!  We had to cut it short to make it to music in the sanctuary so we may repeat it on Friday after a walk to our BSY pond. 

Thursday’s activity had a big math focus.  We learned about different ways to measure things and then practiced using the unconventional method of measuring using frogs.  The kids worked with a partner and measured a variety of things around the room.  There was counting and number writing and of course lots of practice measuring.  We then came together to compare our results and discuss why different people may have come up with different results. The kids were really into the activity and worked so well together.

On Friday we will spend some time by the pond and enjoy our time together in the sanctuary celebrating Shabbat. Next week we will have one last week learning about pond creatures – turtles & dragon flies. 

You all have great kids and we are so happy to be able to work with them!


Ms. Katie & Ms. Lily