Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

While we were very sad to see Rosie go, I am very excited to be spending more time with your children!  They are so curious, funny, earnest, bright, spicy and tender all rolled into one. They keep me laughing and also energized with all their enthusiasm. 

We started the week talking about Ms. Rosie and letting the kids each take a moment to say something they were thinking about her leaving.  We passed around a stuffed animal and when it was their turn to hold it they could add something to the conversation.  They all had sweet things to say about missing her but happy she was going to help first graders. 

On Monday we read a book about trying hard even when things are difficult. We then watercolored the words to a new saying we have over the sink in our classroom. It says, “Many things are difficult before they are easy!”  It’s a growth mindset statement we have been referring to when a child becomes frustrated while trying a tricky task such as setting up a long line of dominos or cutting out a complicated shape.  They are encouraged to try, try, try, because the way things get easier is through practice and working through frustration.  They seem to like the idea of this and will reference it on their own already.

Our focus this week has been on the pond at BSY and the animals and plants which live in it.  We read a book about ponds and then took a walk and played Pond Bingo.  We looked for different things we could find in our pond and colored them in on our bingo sheets when we saw them.  We talked about being scientists and making careful observations. 

We ran out of time on our first walk and weren’t able to sit on the deck by the water so we took a second walk to check it out.  While sitting by the pond we read a book about Canadian Geese.   It was particularly interesting because we have so many geese by the pond this year.  I encourage you to ask your child what they learned about the geese.

We painted ponds with watercolors and then cut out and added pond animals to our paintings.  These should come home soon.  They did an excellent job painting – I absolutely love their kid art.

On Friday after Shabbat we will take our snack to the picnic table by the pond and eat while we watch the geese and other wildlife. 

We will continue to learn about ponds next week with a closer focus on frogs and turtles. 


Ms. Katie & Ms. Lily

As always the kids had lots of time to learn through play…