Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shabbat Shalom!

We welcomed the new month with a brand new dramatic play area— a bakery! The children were so excited to see all the new foods, dishes and kitchen and got to work straight away baking delicious treats. It has been the most popular spot in the classroom all week, with most children doing some baking at some point in the day.

On Tuesday we broke out the clay to make some extra goodies for the bakery. The children made cookies, chocolate, croissants and even shark gummies. 

On Wednesday, while we waited for our clay to dry, we practiced writing some new bakery-themed words in shaving cream. The children traced words like “cook,” “bake,” and “cake” into the cream. After they had written several words, they were given the option to add some color to the foam. We’ve been talking a lot about color mixing, as the children have expressed an interest, and are focusing on the primary colors— red, blue, and yellow, and the secondary colors they create. Most children chose to add red and blue and noticed that everyone’s purple was a little different, depending on how much of each color they had.

We returned to our clay creations on Thursday to paint them and get them ready for the bakery. In keeping with our color mixing focus, each child had a palette with the primary colors as well as black and white and they were able to mix them to make any color they need. After they had finished painting, some of the children mixed all the colors on their palates and created grey.

Last week, Ms. Katie introduced new work bins to the class and this week we began using them in the time after lunch. Each bin has a different activity designed to work on the children’s grip strength and fine motor skills, which are key for early writing. These activities also help the children with  problem solving, persistence, focus and other important executive functioning skills. The bins were a hit and the class has been looking forward to them every day.

Friday is my (Ms. Rosie) last day at Bet Shalom. It has been an absolute joy to learn with, play with, and get to know your children over the past few months. I’m so excited for their shining futures and I will miss them dearly. Thank you for sharing them with me. Miss Katie planned a surprise cake and streamers for Friday. The kids got to enjoy cupcakes!


Ms. Rosie and Ms. Katie