Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Our class is moving quickly through October, and our building play is still going strong. This week, the kids built a house frame and had a blast learning through play with building materials like split pool noodles (insulation), jump ropes (wires), and some great real world items like house painting tools. 

Monday: This morning, the children explored some pumpkin seeds and glue on paper. Some made designs and faces, while others glued them vertically. Grasping the small seeds and gluing are good finger strengthening activities for these pre-writers.

Later in the morning, the kids helped me build a house using some fun building materials. We followed the plan in the booklet to create the house, first gathering the needed materials and then following each of the three steps. All the kids got to help. Then, we took out some fabric to start decorating the frame.

Tuesday: Today, Ms. Amber dropped off some fun painter’s tools like clean rollers, brushes and paint trays. The kids were busy pretending to paint each square inch of the room. She also brought some painter’s tape, and that began a rush to tape the entire house. There’s just something about tape with preschoolers; they can’t seem to get enough! 

In our meeting, I introduced the letter Ff to the class, practicing the name, sound and shape of the letter. Besides working with numbers each day in our meeting with the calendar and counting, I’m hearing more talk and seeing more writing from some kids about math, numbers, and the word “equal.” I love that they are talking about math and incorporating it into their play.

Wednesday: We enjoyed a nice music class with Cantor Schwartz today in our pjs! Maya said that Pajama Day was the best day ever at school, and I have to admit that the energy in the room was so nice- everyone was happy and cozy with their jammies, and that helped create a positive, calm mood in the room. I put the F is for Feelings book together this morning and read it to the class several times. Hopefully, the repetition in the book, as well as the pictures, will help the kids “read” it again in the classroom. To encourage that even more, I made copies for you too. 

Thursday: The morning began with some finger painting, which is a sensory activity at its core, but with PreK’rs often turns into writing exercises too.

The children also began to illustrate a big house picture that we will put outside our door to document some of the work they’ve been doing this month. After talking about our personal feelings and emotions last week, today in our meeting we talked about the feeling of peace. Most of the kids said that peace was synonymous with quiet. I countered that yes, they often go together, but it doesn’t have to be completely quiet to have peace- my definition for peace in our classroom is that feeling you get when everyone is happily busy working on what they want, and they have all the things they need to do the work. Whether that’s kids playing together when they all feel heard and respected, or the freedom to choose an art project with lots of little pieces including tape and scissors. We can have that feeling with noise too, but it doesn’t distract anyone. Whenever our class feels this way, I try to stop and recognize it out-loud. 

Friday: Today, in addition to services, we are going to make some lists of what makes our home feel peaceful. Then, I’ll ask them to draw and color a picture of one of their ideas.

A peek at next week: We will read several versions and explore ideas around the classic tale, The Three Little Pigs to finish off our month of building and homes study. Lots of storytelling, acting, and STEAM activities this week! 


Ms. Amanda