Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shabbat Shalom!!

This week we learned about a popular summer activity- vacations!

On Monday we started by talking about everything the class knew about vacations. The kids had lots to share and talked about going on airplanes, staying in hotels, and taking road tips.

Later, the class helped “pack” a suitcase. Each child was given a list of items you might need for a vacation. Around the room there were pictures of the items with the words written underneath. The kids had to match the letters of the words on their packing list to the words around the room. Some were pretty tricky and they had to look to the second or third letter to figure out what word it was. In the end, the whole class helped one another and packed every item!

Tuesday we talked a little more specifically about road trips. We played a game, similar to ones we’ve played before, where the children all have a grid, with different destinations in each square. They had to use instructions (eg. drive to C3) as well as hints from the pictures to finish their road trip.

Later, when we went out to the playground, the class was excited to see the frogs had returned! Tons of teeny tiny frogs can be found hopping along the edges of our playground and for the rest of the week, we enjoyed looking for them during outside time.

On Wednesday we returned to suitcases— this time to pack our own. Each child was given a paper suitcase and a magazine. They went through the magazine to find items they might want on a trip. Most of the magazines were food and travel themed, so a lot of the suitcases ended up looking ready for a picnic! The suitcases became popular dramatic play items later in the day.

On Thursday we took a little departure from our vacation theme to do a science experiment. The question of the day was “do you know what happens when you mix oil and water?” Each child made a prediction, which we wrote on the board, and also drew a picture of what they thought might happen. Many children thought that it would explode! They were excited to see that the oil and the water would not mix. For fun, we also added some food coloring to the mix. At first the colors stayed suspended in the oil but eventually they burst through. We used blue and red, which the class noticed looked like fireworks for the Fourth of July.

After the experiment was over, everyone drew a picture of what had actually happened, and compared it to their predictions.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fun and safe Fourth of July!


Ms. Rosie and Ms. Katie