Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shabbat shalom!

This week was a celebration of sunshine and summer!

Monday marked the first official day of summer! We talked about the solstice and what it means and then the children each painted their own suns. Once the paint was on the page, they used q-tips to etch designs into their painting.

Later, when we went outside, the class was excited to see the progress of our garden that they planted last month with Farmer Jake. There are two strawberries, a very full basil plant and some other beautiful greenery.

Tuesday was all about sundials. After decorating their own paper plate sundials, the class walked over to the Bet Shalom sundial, over by the pond. It was just after 11 when we got there, and the children were able to see how the the shadow the sun cast fell just after the eleventh mark, letting us know the time. At noon, we brought our sundials outside, looked for the shadow, and marked 12 o’clock on the dial. If you want to complete these sundials with your child at home, you can set them up with the 12 mark facing north, and make a new mark where the shadow falls every hour for one day.

Wednesday morning several children were interested in the plastic chain link toys. They worked together to build extra long chains that we hung from the ceiling and connected to the chairs and railings. Some children thought it looked like a party! Later, we brought the beach inside, as each child was given a bin of sand to explore. Some chose to keep their sand dry, while others got it wet. They played with animals, practiced letters, and mixed the sand and water. When we went outside, we just washed the sand off in the water— it was perfect!

Thursday we played one of our favorite games— bingo. This time it was beach themed. The children are great at helping one another locating the pictures and we all get excited when someone yells BINGO.

The chains made another appearance as children explored new and more complex patterns.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Warmly, Ms. Rosie and Ms. Katie