Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shabbat Shalom!
This week we talked about the things that make each of us and our families unique and special.

On Monday, we read the book We’re Different, We’re the Same, which features some of our favorite Sesame Street characters, and talks about how even though our eyes, noses, hair, and feelings are different, deep down, we all have a lot in common. Later, the children drew a picture of themselves and a picture of their friend and wrote about something they liked about themselves and their friends.

On Tuesday we played a game to learn more about what each member of the class likes and doesn’t like. Each child had a bingo board with different foods, activities, and objects on it. They went around to their classmates and asked whether or not they liked a particular item. If the other child said yes, they could mark the box off! The children had a lot of fun moving around the class and discovering what their friends liked and disliked— almost everyone likes cupcakes, but only a couple of people like broccoli.

On Wednesday we embarked on an exciting craft project— making clothespin dolls. Each child was given a clothespin and used fabric and markers to make a little doll that looked like them, a friend, or even someone imaginary. The end products were fabulous and the children enjoyed playing with their dolls for the rest of the day. Clothespin dolls were one of Ms. Rosie’s favorite crafts as a child and it was so fun to share this project with the class.

Thursday we talked more about the people in our families and how everyone’s family is made up of different people. The children then decorated paper dolls to look like the members of their families to create a family portrait. There are so many wonderful moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, and grandpas in our class!

All week we’ve been working on a special gift for our families. There’s no pictures, so that it remains a surprise, but we hope you enjoy them!

We hope you have a lovely weekend!
Warmly, Ms. Rosie and Ms. Katie