Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shabbat Shalom!

We welcomed the new month and the start of the summer session with new toys, a new dramatic play area, and some new faces in the class. 

Welcome to Ava, Bodhi, Cal, and Leora, who all joined our class this week! We are so happy to have them and are enjoying getting to know each other. 

On Tuesday the children were so excited to see all the new toys in the classroom, especially our new Post Office dramatic play area. They got straight to work writing cards and weighing letters. Later, the whole class decorated stamps to put on our mail and some children helped create a banner for the post office. 

On Wednesday, we focused on another new addition to the classroom- the calm down corner. Our calm down corner is a large cardboard box with a door, pillows, and stuffed animals that the children can go to when they need to take a quiet break   We talked about different ways to calm our bodies, like taking deep breaths, counting to ten, and reading a book. The children filled out a “Calm-o-Meter” where the teacher talked about a calm down strategy and they colored in the face that represented how they felt about the strategy, from super good to super bad. After snack, we drew pictures of how we calm down. 

Thursday was all about mail carriers! At our morning meeting, we talked about a mail carrier’s job and filled out a chart about what mail carriers do, what they need, and who they are. The class knows so much about mail carriers! During our activity time, the children looked for mail-themed words around the classroom and practiced writing them. Then we broke out the shaving cream and practiced tracing words like “mail,” “card,” and “letter” in the foam. 

We’ll finish our week with Shabbat and card making. Have a great weekend!


Miss Rosie, Miss Katie, and Miss Sarah