Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

A, B, C, D… This week we celebrated finishing our letter of the week, learned about Shavuot and added to our Rainforest.

Some of our activities included:

ABC party on Wednesday: Everyone wore their favorite letter. Some kids even started the morning with making letters to wear as necklaces, crowns and bracelets.

Letters out of sticks: We went for a walk to find sticks and make letters with the sticks we found.

Playdough Letters – Making letters out of playdough

Chicka Chicka Boom Letter Game: I made a tree and they played a game to get to the letter Z. They rolled a dice and then moved their letter that many spaces.

ABC BINGO – Last week we played rainforest BINGO where they had to get three in a row. This week we played ABC BINGO and they had to get five in a row. They really enjoyed playing BINGO!

Rainforest Tours – The goal was to add a tour truck or station but it was much harder than we thought. We did add vests, hats and binoculars. On Friday they went for a rainforest animal search and drew their favorite animal they saw.

We enjoyed Hebew with Rabbi Crimmings.

Butterflies – On Monday when we arrived back at school we had 10 butterflies! We fed them some orange and then released them on Tuesday.

Shavuot – We read books on Shavuot and learned about why it is an important holiday.

Next week will be our last full week of the school year session. We will work on making biographies or All About Me books. Tuesday is Book Character Dress Up Day. We hope you have a great weekend!

-Amber, Rosie and Sarah N