Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

What a wonderful Earth we live on! We have focused on the Earth all week and how we can help it with Earth Day yesterday. The most exciting part of our week was our butterflies! We released them on Thursday and it was pretty exciting. We also got another 10 tiny caterpillars to watch the process again!

Monday we welcomed back Millie and Lucy which was pretty exciting to have them back and later in the week Hannah! Our class is back together!

I picked up some colorful play sticky foam and they have been playing with it a lot this week and keep asking to have it out. Great $3 find in the Target section if you are interested!

Monday we started talking about the Earth and what we know. We made Earth day crowns, worked on nature art and a color by number or sight word. We have been really working on sight words and looking at the letters and sounding out the words.

Tuesday we talked about what we can do to help the Earth and focused on the letter Vv. We had lots of choices for lesson time including using white boards to work on writing the letter Vv and making a vase of flowers with the letter V. There was Earth word tracing and the best of all was shaving cream. We started with writing the letter Vv and then adding blue and green finger paint to make the Earth. They had such a great time even with the mess!

Wednesday we introduced recycling and reusing. We made trucks to categorize if we should reduce, reuse or recycle.

Thursday we released our butterflies on the beautiful sunny Earth Day.

We practiced making an Earth and writing about the Earth doing our best job. Trying and doing our best is what counts!

On Friday, we will do an Earth themed writing around the room and an animal count around the room.

Next week, we will focus on the letter Yy and to end our farm unit we will work on The Three Little Pigs with focusing on building and the wind.

Shabbat Shalom – Amber, Rosie, Sarah