Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had a nice week for Sukkot in Yarok with mostly dry and sunny weather! Thank you to parents for bringing your children to school each day with coats, hats, and mittens/gloves in case they need them. I hope we get this lucky with our weather next week too!

Monday: We began the week with a pretend sukkah in our room and some new building tools- some ogobild balls and rods that can be made into lots of different configurations. The kids got right to work exploring them. First, they had to figure out how to insert the rods into the balls using trial/error and persistence, and then they had to figure out how to work together since there are lots more rods than balls.

Later in the morning, the kids began to help make some hanging fruit decorations and paper chains for our sukkah too. 

In art we read a book about bears hibernating. We then colored our own bear and painted their cave.

Tuesday: Today’s new building materials were cups, and many kids spent the entire morning creating walls and pyramids with these great building tools. Lots of creativity going on in our room!

I began to take pictures of the kids acting out the different emotions we listed last week for our class book about feelings. See if you can guess what feeling they are expressing!

I introduced the letter Ee during our meeting, so Eli and Emmett got to shine today. The best part of our day was lunch and music in the sukkah. We were joined by Ms. Amber, Eli’s mom, Amanda, and Emmett’s mom, Rabbi Crimmings. It was great smelling and shaking the etrog and lulav while saying the blessings.

Wednesday: Today was a busy, wonderfully messy day in PreK! We began with an invitation to paint a still-life of a pumpkin, and their pictures turned out great.

Then, many kids chose to move on to making their own mini-sukkot with cardboard pieces. After painting, we needed time to let them dry, so the kids played around the room.

This led to more cup building in the construction area. A few kids got the idea to make a trap for a monster with the cups. Maya handed out blueprint paper for the kids to plan their traps. Then, they set up the cups in various ways and then hid from the monster (I was never sure who the monster was!) to see if they could catch it.

Then, the cups became a part of an orange juice and lemonade stand, naturally. All the while, block building, matching games, and more puzzles were being used to build their young minds. These kids are always busy!

Thank goodness for more dry days, as we were able to get outside again for another great day of running on the playground.

Thursday: Today, the kids built with ogobild again and some finished their sukkot. The cups became a campfire today- I’m really loving the versatility of cups!

This week, we have begun using our Help Wanted chart in our class, in which each child can sign up for one job for the day. Jobs include being in charge of garbage pickup, sweeping, spraying tables with soapy water, straightening books, pushing in chairs, watering plants, feeding the fish, turning on and off our lights, and being the day’s helper. The kids helped me think of more jobs too, so that if we want to rotate a bit later in the year, we can. I’m hoping these jobs will help further create community and responsibility in our room.

Friday: This morning, I’ll ask the class if kids should use real tools. They will have the chance to both cut and pound a pumpkin. First, some followed some step-by-step instructions to fold, draw, and cut out a giant paper pumpkin. We will then use this pumpkin to do some addition and subtraction activities with pumpkins seeds.  Also, the students took turns using a real hammer and screwdriver to pound some nails and screws into our real pumpkin.

A peek at next week: We will take down our sukkah, but build up a framed house so we can pretend to be house painters, electricians and plumbers all week. These are such important jobs. If you have any real-life (but clean) painters or plumbers tools, we would love to gently borrow them for the week as we act out our learning. We will talk about what makes a house a home and introduce the concept of peace in the home, shalom bayit.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda