Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Yarok! This week we focused on the letter Ww, Israel and Yom HaAtzamaut, writing and counting.

On Monday, we were excited to see that our caterpillars made their chrysalis. We think that three of them won’t make it to butterflies since two fell and one doesn’t look completed. We are excited to see them turn into butterflies next week sometime. Some friends drew the caterpillars in their chrysalis.

Farm Dramatic Play – We continued adding to our farm with a field of corn, chicken making (which went home), a barn and making a bale of straw. Other farm activities included color by letter with the word FARM, farm books and learning about the farm life with what cows, sheep and chickens provide for us.

Israel and Yom Ha’Atzamaut – We started talking about Israel and Israel’s birthday. They chose different activities of making an Israeli flag, making a map of Israel identifying the water, desert, land and mountains.

Letters and Writing – We worked on different letter and writing activities including a Farm Write Around the Room and What’s Missing? I was very impressed with some of their writing skills and determination to find all the words around the room! They also practiced making letters with popsicle sticks.

Number/Math skills: Earlier in the week, some friends made their own flower die to play a game. They rolled the dice and then counted and colored that many flowers. They did this until the colored all the flowers. They worked on measuring with different animal rulers, dice games and other counting activities with unifix cubes.

SecondStep: Our SecondStep lesson this week was naming the problem we have and then finding a solution. Try this at home where if something happens, identify the problem and then find solutions together. For instance, we talked about the problem that two friends what the same book or toy. What are solutions to our problem? Ask your kids! Also acknowledge your child when they identify they have a problem.

Next week our letter will be Vv and we will focus on Earth Day! We are very excited as well to have many of our friends back!

Shalom- Amber, Rosie, Sarah, Lily