Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello Yarok Families! Lots of changes this week with a new month! We focused on the letter Zz, our new dramatic play area, a Farm, caterpillars and so much more!

Monday -We started our week with exploring the new room. We made a flow chart on what we knew about farms to help guide what we wanted to create and add to our farm area. We started by adding tractors, a barn, some animals and a truck.

Tuesday- Today was all about the letter Zz and Zero the Hero. We listened to the story Zero The Hero and learned the song “Z-E-R-O! Zero the hero! Z-E-R-O! Zero the hero!” Some friends have been making Zero the Hero’s throughout the week. We also worked on writing the letter Zz and “zero”.

Wednesday- We explored measuring and the caterpillars today. They have grown so much in just the two days they have been at school and will soon harden into chrysalides. We have 10 caterpillars total. They have been fun to watch over the week.

We also added fruit and vegetables to our farm today. We added Velcro to them so they could pick them off the trees or vines. The carrots are also in a garden where they can pick them out of the “dirt”.

Thursday- Today we explored dice and they played different dice recognition games. Some continued playing over and over to see what number would win! They also worked on writing their numbers with the games.

Some friends also added sheep to our farm. We have been putting them on blocks so they can move them around and play with them.

Friday- We will go on a nature walk for nature items. They will then use the objects to make a collage. If rain holds us off, we will do some more measuring and dice adding games.

Other things this week: New puzzles, tinker toys, sight words with unifix cubes and new sensory bins with beans.

Next week, we will continue adding to our farm including farmer jobs and a flower garden, the letter Ww and Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day!

Shalom – Amber, Rosie, Sarah, Lily, Will