Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We welcomed back Rowan, learned about J, and more this week in PreK. Here’s an overview of what we did inside the classroom this week: 

Vet Clinic and Pet Study.  Using old transparency sheets (remember those from your own school days?) and Sharpies, the kids made their own x-rays and designs for our light table in our vet clinic. As the week progressed, Quinn and Jack began drawing elaborate “factories” on transparencies. Maybe a future area of study for them? 

Passover. On Monday, we learned about weaving, as Moses’ big sister Miriam was a weaver. This led to some kids trying out weaving paper mats. These mats can be art, matzo covers, or afikomen bags. Some kids made patterns too with their weaving. On Friday, we will talk about the difference between bread and matzo by playing around with yeast. We’ll also learn some songs about the crossing of the Red Sea into freedom. I hope you all have a very happy Passover, if you celebrate! 

SecondStep Lesson. Continuing in our unit about friendship, we learned about joining in play. We learned some strategies for joining in play with other groups. These include 1) staying near the group, 2) commenting on what they are playing, 3) suggesting something they could add or do that’s part of their game, 4) asking in a friendly voice if they can join in. Even though this seems complex, the conversations we are having about joining in and friendship are getting the kids thinking about empathy and kindness. So, even if the kids may not be developmentally ready to complete the steps, they are preparing and learning how to be a friend and how to get a friend.

Literacy. We learned about the letter Jj and came up with a good list of J words, like Jack, jump, jellybeans, and junk. We also talked about the word “join” and how joining letters together creates words, like their own names. I showed them some CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) like pig, cat, and hot to show them that some words can be sounded out. This was mostly an exercise in exposure to reading to see who is ready for more. 

Math Concepts.  I worked in small groups with kids looking at how to join numbers. First, we took some unifix cubes and we played with them. Then, I asked them if I took one and then joined another to it, what did I have? I showed them the addition or plus sign, and the equal sign. Some kids helped to make some number sentences with me. Rowan and Eden ended their group time with me by taking all the cubes and making a line of 97 cubes. We counted each one and by the end, almost the entire class was watching us count! 

A final thank you.  I have so loved being one of your child’s teachers, and I will never forget them. These kids have the absolute best, loving families, and you should feel so proud of the humans you’ve created. I wish for you countless blessings of peace, happiness and wonder.

Shalom, Ms. Amanda