Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Snow twice this week? No problem for PreK! We got outside every chance we could to make the most of the March madness weather.

Here’s an overview of what we did inside the classroom this week: 

Vet Clinic and Pet Study.  Other than adding a few other animals and switching out the silks for mini pet blankets, not much changed. We read some interesting books about pets this week that Adam picked out, as he was the librarian. One choice was a book by Fred Rogers called “When A Pet Dies” had the children really engaged and talking. Most of the kids have some experience of a pet dying, and this book so simply yet respectfully acknowledges the feelings kids may have and offers practical ways and explanations about expressing grief. I recommend it for your home collection. 

Passover. We learned about Baby Moses and his big sister Miriam, learning a song called “Where Is Baby Moses?” and telling it through picture cards. After learning the song and reading “Miriam and Her Brother Moses” by Jean Marzollo (another good book), the kids drew their own baby Moses picture. I assured them that anyone could draw a baby, even if you never have. All you have to do is draw a circle for the head and connect a “U” under it for the body, coloring the “U” like a swaddling blanket. I had some extra boxes of crayons, so everyone got a fresh new box, and I think that got everyone more excited to draw. Nothing like a brand new box of crayons! On Friday, we will learn about the pyramids that the Jews living in Egypt helped to build, and students will work in groups to try their best to build some pyramids.

SecondStep Lesson. Continuing in our unit about friendship, we learned about inviting others to play with your group. This is the flipside of learning how to enter play by asking “Can I play?” For lots of preschoolers, it doesn’t occur to them to invite others to play. It’s not that they wouldn’t let someone play with them, it’s just that they are developmentally more self-centered. But 4-5 year-olds are the right age to learn about this. It all kind of goes back to the saying, “Want a friend? Be a friend.” We talked about how it’s really hard for some kids to ask to play, even when they know what to say. Good lessons, which we will repeat all year.

Letter Uu.  So, what else can you do with a “U” besides make a baby body? We learned the sounds it makes (it’s name like in unicorn, or “uh” like in up), that it looks like an upside down little “n”, and that playing games with doll underwear are really silly.

Math Concepts.  On Thursday, the kids and I talked about what a line means. Can a line only be straight? Or can you curve it, loop it, circle it? I measured each child with a piece of yarn and gave them their own string to make whatever shapes they wanted. Later in the morning, some kids took their strings to measure what else was as long as they were. 

A peek at next week: Next week, we will take our knowledge of lines to create some pet skeletons on transparency paper for x-rays in our clinic, learn about the letter Jj, and learn more Passover songs, stories and crafts, and maybe see more signs of spring.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda