Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

L’hitraot, snow! We had a major meltdown on our playground which allowed us to open back up the big climber, much to everyone’s delight. No more snow pants, boots, or big winter jackets needed anymore, but please continue to send lighter jackets and mittens/gloves as we are definitely not in summer mode yet. 

The following is a breakdown of what we did this week in Yarok:

Pets. We added more doctor-specific toys to the veterinary clinic this week, as well as more pets to examine. The kids added clipboards to take examination notes, and I put some of them up on the wall of our clinic. They continue to play in kind ways in this area, and overall have been great at keeping it clean. 

Letter Qq.  Quinn, this week was built for you! His name is on the top of our Q word list.  Each week, one child gets the job of messenger, and after they share something from home, I write it on the board so they and the rest of the kids can practice tracking, looking for letters and sight words, and reading. Brooklynn was our messenger this week, and with a letter like Q, it’s hard to fit in those words, but we managed a few “quickly” and “quietly” adds so she could count something. Still, great practice in noticing how the shape of the letter is made, how it’s so close to “g”, and we got some phonic work in too.

Sensory Play. Kids had the choice to add a new container of playdough to their own playdough bag. The squishing and squeezing is such great fine motor muscle work for their hands, preparing them for writing. Plus, it’s fun.

Passover. Introducing our latest holiday, we learned the song “Moses, Moses, Take Off Your Shoes” listen here It’s a fun song to play and sing, and of course, we have to take our shoes off when we sing it! We also talked about the seder plate, matzah and the afikomen. Kids took turns hiding the pretend afikomen around the room. Some kids made their own seder plates with felt and other scraps. 

Social/Emotional Skills: SecondStep. We focused on having fun with friends. These skills are so important to your kids right now. They want to have friends, but they are also pretty sure that their ideas of what to play are best. It creates conflict: they don’t want to play alone, but they also want to have input on what they play. We talked about taking turns with play ideas as a way for friends to solve this problem. For example, they agree to play one child’s game, as long as the other child can choose their own name, character, superpower, etc. Or, they first build with blocks together, and then play a game together afterwards. It takes practice, but that’s what preschool is all about.

A peek at next week: More Passover fun with learning about baby Moses, more Passover songs, the letter Uu, and exploring numbers up to 100. 


Ms. Amanda