Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

What’s that saying about March roaring in like a lion? If this week’s weather is a lion, I say let it roar all spring! We are loving the warmer outdoor play, but lots of kids had wet pants as their snow pants couldn’t handle the melting snow. Just hang in there, I bet it will all melt by next week.

Inside, play focused around new activities with high interest- pets. We also celebrated Seth on his 5th birthday!

The following is a breakdown of what we did this week in Yarok:

Pets. We are turning our dramatic play area into a vet clinic and grooming salon. This week, we added props of bandages (cut off baby socks), towels, dollar store combs, and an exam table. Using small stuffed animals that I can take home and wash, the kids have taken very good care of these little critters all week. We’ve been reading books about vets too, learning what they do in the office and what large animal vets do on the farm and at the zoo. Next week, we will add some more medical-type props based on a list we created in a meeting. For fine motor and writing practice, the kids made some signs and drew a picture of their favorite pet (real or imagined) with Mr. Will. We are going to display them in our room for the month.  

Letter Bb.  We made quite a long list of B words this week. It’s such a fun sound, and we had to laugh at how often I would say a word beginning with b without noticing it, but someone would catch it. (Okay, I knew, but it’s so gratifying to see them “hear” it for themselves)

Math Focus. I put out some construction blocks called Wedgits, in which kids can build some unique designs. On Friday, I’ll review 2D and 3D shapes in our meeting and have the kids, with partners, build some creative pets using geometric shapes. We’ll take some pictures for our pet display.

Sensory Bins.  I added rice to their sensory bins with small plastic pets, cups, scoops. The kids added their own imaginations for lots of fun sensory experiences. 

Games. I’m a big believer in games for preschoolers. Learning rules, taking turns, handling loss, graciously winning, games help build grit. Two new-to-our-room games this month are Connect Four and a racing car game called Red Light, Green Light. They’ve seen lots of action this week.

Social/Emotional Skills: SecondStep. We focused on fair ways to play. This is actually language I’ve been using all year, as kids really respond to the term “fair”. In this curriculum, I introduce through puppets, photos, and scenarios the idea that there are three fair ways to play: play together, take turns, and trade. Ask your child to explain the ways to you, and if you want, incorporate these terms in navigating play disputes with siblings. 

A peek at next week: The only thing I mentioned about Passover this week was teaching them the Pharaoh, Pharaoh song to the tune of Louie, Louie. I’ll begin to set out Passover-themed preschool books and talking more about how we celebrate this holiday using some props.  We’ll also learn about the letter Qq, and explore concepts around length. 


Ms. Amanda