Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

PreK enjoyed Purim Palooza all weeklong. In closing out our month, we also enjoyed near-perfect weather each day on the playground: you simply cannot imagine how great it feels to let a classroom of kids into an open airspace after two weeks of being only inside! The following is a breakdown of what we did this week in Yarok:

Purim. We read lots of Purim stories to help us tell the tale of brave Queen Esther and how she saved her people. We sang songs, made groggers out of yogurt smoothie containers, molded clay hamantaschen, and we will make non-edible mishloach manot baskets using cut-out pictures from magazines and student art. Ms. Amber and Ms. Katie painted faces and organized a scavenger hunt too. Along with two costume days, this week was full of excitement. Chag Purim, yeladim! 

Castles. Our cardboard castle got lots of colors from many of the boys in our class- they were really focused. The kids liked the doors, especially when we introduced some puppets. Colette and Mia even put flowers on the walls. Overall, it’s been fun to have a different space like this in our room.

Social/Emotional Skills: SecondStep. We focused on managing waiting. This is biggie in PreK and Kindergarten alike. So hard to wait when you don’t want to, when you’re bored, when you’re excited about what’s coming next…Waiting is a big part of society, so it’s good to name it, talk about it, and learn how to cope. We learned we can count things we see when we wait to pass the time, for example, count all the red things you see. We can also sing a song to ourselves too. What do you do to manage waiting? I’m sure your child would like to know.

A peek at next week: A new month begins, and so we’ll be transitioning to new areas and themes to invite learning through play. We’ll begin with turning the dramatic play area into a veterinary clinic as we learn more about pets, how to care for them, and how to help pet animals in need. Also, Passover is coming, and we will begin to explore science concepts around spring.


Ms. Amanda and Ms. Emily