Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

“When will Purim be here?” Adam asked this week. I think we all are looking forward to some fun after another week in a deep freeze, therefore another week of indoor play and recess.  The natives are getting restless, but thankfully the forecast looks like warmer weather for all of next week, so we can get some fresh air on the playground soon.  In order to inject a little more fun into our week, we had a furry friend picnic during snack time on Wednesday. Thanks for sending the cute animals and dolls. Kudos to Andrew who brought a life-sized stuffed Holstein calf: it was fantastic!  Some kids wrote books about their favorite picnics afterwards. Emily and I are enjoying the kids who are inspired to write.

Fairy Tales. The fairy tale I focused on was Little Red Riding Hood. We began our discussion by reviewing the key elements in fairy tales, and I was so happy to hear the kids tell me many details. I brought in some props for the kids to use to act out the story, but because of the pandemic, we can’t share any dressups. The kids got creative with some red streamers for Red’s hood. 

Castles. We talked in our meetings about castles. The kids drew a plan of a castle from their imagination. We also brainstormed ideas for things the kids would like in our own pretend castle. This castle will begin going up on Friday, and the kids can begin to make their own little castles too.

Dramatic Play. We added fishing poles and magnetic fish to our ocean. The kids signed up for turns on the first couple of days as they were so popular. They’ve been really good about cleaning up before the next pair go fishing, which really shows caring for others and our classroom. 

Social/Emotional Skills: SecondStep. We focused on dealing with anger. Again, like all feelings, it’s okay and perfectly normal to get angry. Through photo study and puppet play, we reinforce that message and encourage kids to slow down in order to recognize the feeling and take deep breaths to calm themselves down.  We also reviewed what to do when you accidentally hurt someone and how important it is to tell the person you didn’t mean it.

Afternoon Exploration. We did yoga every day after rest time as a sort of re-set for the afternoon. When doing yoga, the kids did a great job of deep belly-breathing, a skill that is great for coping with anger.

They then got to let their creativity come to life in art – there were more castle drawings, kings/queens, and even dragons. We built the beanstalk super tall thanks to the cooperation of kids of all heights, which was so neat to watch!

I also saw toy knights playing with (you guessed it) mermaids, amazing castles made out of magnet tiles, and more!

A peek at next week: All week long, it’ll be Purim-palooza in PreK! We may not be able to bake hamantaschen because of pandemic restrictions, but we will fill our days with fun from the story and traditions. 


Ms. Amanda and Ms. Emily