Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Hello, Yarok families. I hope you all had an easy fast and are feeling renewed. I feel so blessed to be a part of your family for this year; thank you sharing your children with our classroom. This week was shorter, but we packed in a lot of information and the kids produced a lot too.

Monday: Last Friday and today, I set up some trays of different loose materials for the kids to use to create a class alphabet. Every child made at least one letter- some made more because they’re interested in it.

Once they are all dry, I’ll mount them on paper and put them on the wall. We will refer to these letters all year, as well as make our class more beautiful. 

With the beautiful weather, we took a walk outside and collected some sticks, stones and leaves. We saw some turtles sunning themselves in the pond; just a lovely scene. 

Tuesday: While I was out, Ms. Sarah took over the class with some lessons about architects and what they do. Ms. Amber lent us some real blueprints of her house, so the kids could look at them. Then, the kids had a chance to make their own blueprints. They also drew a picture of their house, which are now framed above their cubbies. 

Thursday: A rainy day today inspired lots of artwork and also block play today.

Since Yom Kippur is a time to think about how are actions affect other people’s feelings, we talked about feelings today in class. The kids generated a list of 18 feelings, and then I told them that we could use these feelings to make a book for our class. I showed them some books from previous classes to give them an idea; Lila and Emmett were happily surprised to see their older siblings in one book with Charlie and Ariella! Many of the kids made their own feelings books today. Maya made one with a happy and sad face. Lila made one with her at her own birthday party, curls and all! Everyone made a new piece of artwork to put on our art wall, which was lovely for me (usually, they want to take home their art immediately)

Friday: Today we will have an exciting day, rain or shine. First, we will have special persons Shabbat at the beginning of our day, followed by show and tell and a challah snack. Afterwards, we will enjoy a visit by the Minnetonka Fire Department to teach us about fire safety and give us a tour of their fire truck. Awesome! Hopefully, I can get some pictures to put together a feelings book for the classroom too.

A peek at next week: We are back to a full week with the letter Ee, the holiday of Sukkot, lots of building challenges, a focus on builder’s tools including hammers and screwdrivers, and lots more learning through play. 


Ms. Amanda