Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

What a fun Hanukkah week we’ve had in the Yarok room! Thank you for bringing all your child’s winter gear to school each day: we never know what the day’s weather will be, so it’s great to be prepared. If the temperature is 20 or above, we will be playing outside in the fresh air.

On Monday, we talked about our sense of touch. Using our mystery box, the kids guessed about objects from the room- not as easy as it looks! The kids helped us come up with different touch attributes, like squishy, hard, bumpy, wet, and hot to name a few.

Later, some kids chose to make paper latkes and frying pans, connecting them with a string to make a game.

It was too cold this morning for the playground, so we got to go to the “big room” and had some dancing in the afternoon to Frozen music.

Tuesday, we introduced the letter Ee. We used the mystery box again to hide some little items beginning with e, which was fun. Some kids brought in things that had E’s in them for show and tell, and it was the first show and tell for Adam and Mia. It’s been so great having them in our room. We read the book Elmer about a patchwork elephant, and later the kids could decorate their own Elmer with fabric or color it in with markers.

We read another book that Mia chose (she’s the book helper this week) about mixing colors to paint a landscape. The kids were motivated to mix some paint colors too, so we got out the palettes and did exactly that! 

Wednesday, we had a full morning of play with legos, kitchen play, book writing, alphabet magnets, and jungle animals.

During our meeting, we talked about how to divide something in half. What does that mean? We demonstrated halving an apple and a cake using some toys. We talked about how when the dreidel lands on ה hey, you can take half of the gelt.

Later, the kids used liquid watercolors to paint their own wooden dreidel. After they dried, they could choose to write in the Hebrew letters themselves or have a teacher write them in. 

Thursday, we welcomed three new jungle animals to our room, an alligator, crocodile and a hippopotamus. This prompted Rowan and Andrew to create a swamp as a habitat for them, and they along with Ms. Randi, made a really creative mural for the animals. Some cardboard boxes, plastic bears and blocks got others inspired in lots of dramatic play.

In our meeting, we talked about bears and made a web of bear facts. We revisited the terms fiction and non-fiction, and read one of each type of book about bears. In Hanukkah Bear, the woman in the story mistakes a bear for a rabbi, relying on her sense of touch because her sight and hearing are no longer sharp. I hope you had a great Hanukkah if you celebrate, with no bears as guests! 

Friday, our plan is to begin exploring the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I’ll get them to tell me what they know, and we’ll make some story boards and puppets to take home.

A peek at next week: Lots more of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, reading different versions, acting out the story, math activities using toy bears and on Wednesday, tasting some porridge we’ll make in class! 

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Randi