Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

This week the Yarok Prek’rs explored their sense of smell with lots of books and activities. We also learned about the letter Cc, and were treated to some nice mild weather for most of the week, perfect for getting outside. 

Monday:  Do you know about porcupines? Today, Ms. Beth led the class on zoom for art class, and the kids made some pretty perfect porcupines! Later in the day, we watched a video of a porcupine in a zoo eating a pumpkin, and it was really interesting! Watch it here!

Tuesday: In the morning during exploring time, the kids began mixing “cloud dough” in their sensory bins. It’s simply a mixture of flour and baby oil, but this combination smells great, and in the kids’ hands can create some pretty creative worlds for meteors, volcanoes, and habitats for dinosaurs. 

We talked about the letter Cc in our meeting, and came up with a list of C words for our wall. I introduced the book I Stink! at reading time today, and it was an immediate hit. PreK’s love to have permission to laugh at stinky things in school!

The kids made some scented paint using spices like cinnamon, cocoa, turmeric and apple pie spice. Then, they painted with their own paint. The room smelled great.

Wednesday: In our meeting today, we learned about our nose and how we smell. We’ve been stressing how all of our senses work because of these cool parts of our bodies that connect to nerves which connect to our smart brains. Then, each child was able to take a sniff test while their eyes were closed, to try to guess what it was. There was a fresh orange peel, fresh lemon, toothpaste, onion, challah, baby oil, coffee, cinnamon, and cocoa. It was a lot of fun! We continue to learn about “reading” other’s feelings in SecondStep, learning about recognizing if someone is surprised and on Thursday, the feeling of being scared. In the afternoon, circling back to the letter C, each child colored a picture of their favorite cookie to make a class book “Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?” Some kids were inspired to make their own cookies books to take home too.

Thursday: Today, the kids explored their sense of smell more. There was a matching game where the kids tried to match different herbal teas to their packages by smell. Then, they made scented pretend tea bags. This is traditionally a very fun activity, as the kids have lots of choice, but I think what I loved most about this day is how polite the kids were to each other. The opportunity to share, pass the tea bowls and flowers, just created such a great sense of peace in the room . Many colored loose teas (baking soda, scent, and color) can be put into coffee filters and formed into tea bags. The best part for the kids is choosing the colors, and the best part for me is all the writing that goes on when they create the tea bag tags. 

Friday: Our final day of scent overload will have the kids making their own scented playdough- adding fresh herbs and our leftover flowers from Thursday, which they will stomp with toy dinosaurs and with mortar and pestle. The room will hopefully smell earthy, the kids will hopefully like the action of grinding. After they are done, they can take their scented playdough home, if they wish.  We’ll talk about what Shabbat smells like, including our juice and challah at snacktime. If we have time, we’ll make some orange and clove pomanders to smell during Havdalah on Saturday evening. 

A peek at next week: We will explore our sense of taste and talk about Thanksgiving.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Randi