Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shalom, Yarok families. This week we planned to talk about our sense of hearing, play a little music, open a bakery, and learn about the letter Nn. With two snowy days this week, our playground is quite transformed from the last, and we thank you for bringing all the gear back to school so the kids can enjoy outdoor recess. 

Monday: Lots of musical instruments around the room began a week somewhat on the noisy side, but what a joyful noise! Along with some drums and toy xylophones, I set out a set of chimes along with songs that the children could “read” and play. Many of them tried it out. I’m happy to say that a few children even wrote their own songs! It’s exciting to see them read the song and play it, going from left to right.

I asked them to tell me what they knew about music, and we listened to different types.

Later in the morning, the children finger-painted while listening to music, bringing the senses together. 

Tuesday: We introduced the letter Nn, and half of our kids have an N or two in their name- pretty neat!  During our SecondStep lesson, we examined a photo of a boy who looks happy. Looking closely at his face, the kids noticed details that show how his face seems happy. Being able to read people’s faces helps kids recognize feelings and develop empathy. Later in the morning, the kids were able to create some shakers, kind of like the rain stick instruments in our room this week.

We also had Hebrew with Rabbi Crimmings on zoom, which was fun.

Wednesday:  This morning during exploring time, we set out some individual trays for water play with soap. The kids played in different ways, some creating stories with the little dinosaurs and some fascinated with making bubbles with the droppers.

Later, we talked about our ears and our sense of hearing, and how sound moves in waves.

We had fun during lunch listening to ourselves chew when I showed the kids that if they cupped their hands over their ears, their chewing would seem louder. We also played a listening game where someone guesses who is singing with a pirate song “Who is the captain now? I am the captain now!” No one could be stumped: they all know each other’s voices too well! 

Thursday: During our meeting today, the kids all participated in a listening activity with environmental sounds (baseball game, swimming pool, wolf howling, thunderstorm, etc) on a CD. The kids practiced listening carefully and raising their hands when they had an idea of the sound. We then read a book at snack called The Listening Walk, in which a girl takes a walk without talking, so she can notice all the sounds around her. After reading it, we became intent listeners and heard crunching and drinking sounds of snack time, as well as our building’s circulation system humming along.  In the coffee shop/ bakery, I added an empty sugar container and butter box. All this “environmental print” helps with keeping our dramatic play area feel authentic. If you have any empty containers that pertain to baking, please send them in!

Friday: We’ll talk about Shabbat and make a web about all we know. From that, we’ll pick out the things one can hear. Prayer and song come to mind mostly for me, so if the discussion stalls, I’ll point them towards that. We’ll sing some Shabbat songs with guitar and with instruments. The kids can color and complete a book of Shabbat prayers to take home.

A peek at next week: A look at our sense of smell.


Ms. Amanda and Ms. Randi