Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

The weather was beautiful. We really enjoyed our time outside. 

This week we talked about the five senses. We focused on the sense of sight. We used eye droppers  to place different colors on paper towels. Then we sprayed water to watch the colors blend. The kids made beautiful, colorful patterns.

The kids made binoculars, decorated them. Then went on a nature walk, observing the different colors around Bet Shalom.

We did a science experiment called magic milk. We placed milk in a shallow bowl, we added food coloring and dish liquid. The kids watched with amazement the colors dancing across the milk’s surface without mixing.

We ended the week using flashlights to read a story in the dark. Each child got their own small flashlight to shine.

The kids had fun playing with dinosaurs. The race tracks were brought back into the classroom!! This week the kids were really into puzzles. They worked on large floor puzzles, some with over 48 pieces.

Our letter of the week was Pp. The kids came up with so many words, at a rapid speed.

Our letter next week is Nn. Please bring a show and tell that starts with Nn on Tuesday.

The kids are getting really good at writing and recognizing their letters. What a great week!

Shabbat Shalom,

Randi and Amanda