Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Happy new year to you and yours, Yarok families. This week we began October with a new dramatic play area in our room, the letter D, a focus on the meaning of “focus” with our attention in our SecondStep emotional learning curriculum, and we did it all through play.

Tuesday: The room was halfway between an apple orchard and empty for dramatic play today, as I was turning the place around. No matter, the kids wore the farmer straw hats and started a band with air guitar and dancing. The baby dolls were exchanged for a big collection of groovy girl dolls. These dolls are fun for everyone, and I particularly like them because changing their clothes is such great finger and hand work.

Another fun finger play this week was taking the seeds out of the giant sunflower head. We will save the seeds to use in our alphabet project beginning on Friday.

Ms. Marnie came and helped in our class again today, and she even brought us some new wooden puzzles. She’s the best! In our meeting, we learned about the letter D and also brainstormed what we needed, what we could do, and what we could build in our upcoming construction site area. 

Wednesday: Today, the room really began to look like a construction site. The kids helped me figure out where to store the tools and place the labels. It’s so much easier for them to clean up when they have a say in where things are placed in the beginning.

One big surprise while the kids were playing was the spontaneous need for a taco stand. (Thanks, Eli!) We began making some paper tacos right away, drawing in the fillings. Lila and Maya in particular were very busy with this idea. I also brought back the dollhouse and added two new floor puzzles.

Thursday: We read a book today about the importance of saying “I’m sorry” to our friends as a way of making amends. We talked about building friendships, and how we have to work step by step with kindness to make friends. The new year is a time to reflect on our relationships, so in our little PreK way, we are talking about it.  In our construction site, we made a little taco stand, and deliveries were made around the room by Maya and Lila. Vivi had some work done on the dollhouse when Emmett and Marko visited her with their toolsets. 

Friday: During exploring time today, the kids will have the choice to begin our alphabet unit, making letters using little pieces of things and glue, which we will display in our room all year. After services, I will tell them the story of Jonah and the big fish, the classic Yom Kippur story, using a felt board. 

A peek at next week: We will review the first four letters A-D, and we will talk about feelings culminating with making a class book about feelings. In our construction play, we will talk about architects, blueprints, and planning before you build. Thanks for bringing in your paper tubes and anything else you think we could use in our area for building play.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda