Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We rounded out our month- long construction theme by exploring the story of the three little pigs, learning about Ii, and learning together how to use self-talk to better follow directions.  And, though we had a super chilly week, thanks to our winter gear, we enjoyed outside time most every day. 

Monday: This morning, we opened our builder’s lab with lots of recycled containers and glue. The kids who tried it made some cool structures. Andrew made a zoo, which was ready for animals “with shade for the giraffe” by the time our day was done. He’s played with it all week: it’s super impressive.

During our meeting, I asked the kids if they knew the classic story of The Three Little Pigs. Most did and could give me some details. I told it using a felt board and later I read a traditional version of The Three Little Pigs. In the story, the wolf tries to trick the third pig to leave the house by luring it to a farm, an apple orchard, and a fair. Each time, the pig outsmarts the wolf by arriving an hour ahead of the wolf. This was a great opportunity to talk about number sequencing and a little about the concept of time. I talked about the words fiction, non-fiction, and characters. 

Tuesday: Today during our group time, we talked about the letter Ii, the sounds it makes, and how to write it. Almost everyone practiced making an I.

It was too cold in the morning to go outside, so we got some rare time together in the big room. I tried to get some action shots (I admit, I’m not quite the sports photographer!).

By the time it was 1:00 though, it had warmed up just enough to allow us time outside for half an hour, and we relished the fresh air! Our day was mostly spent during our play time building, doing puzzles, drawing, and pretending fun games with witches and wizards. We also read another version of the Three Little Pigs, this time with a Somewhat Bad Wolf, maybe just a little “hangry.” We then compared the versions, noting similarities and differences. I also talked about following directions using our Secondstep puppets, David and Miriam, who are learning to self-talk to remember things, like the steps to washing your hands, rules to a game, or different directions parents or teachers may give.

Wednesday: After free play with playdough and a fun music class with the Cantor, we dove back into our fairytale world of the three pigs with the Superpigs. 

I wondered if they knew about real pigs, and read a nonfiction book about pigs to learn more about who they are and how to care for them. 

I had some materials out at the art table for making stick puppets, and a few kids got really into making little worms. After making them, they decided they needed a bin with dirt and food. This occupied them all day. Lots of fine motor work and conversation going on the whole time- exactly what we hope to see at school!

Thursday: We read two more versions today of our classic tale today, both of which got big belly laughs from the kids. The kids tried their hands at making little straw, stick and brick houses by going through stations in small groups. This was our first attempt at group and station work, and they did great. 

Friday: Costume dress-up day! Today we will go through stations in the big room while sharing our costumes. I’ll also have some fun art invitations in the classroom. We’ll read a few extra books I have about pigs, some fiction and nonfiction. Maybe we’ll make up our own version of the story too!

A peek at next week: New month, new focus of dramatic play: Coffee shop and bakery opening soon. I can’t wait to set up shop with these energetic children who are sure to bring lots of ideas for our new area. The racetracks will come back with new surprises, and as promised, dinosaurs in the block area. We will also focus on our five senses in November (and the first week of December), focusing on one sense each week beginning with our sense of sight. 


Ms. Amanda and Ms. Randi