Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had another fun filled week in the Yarok class.

We started the week with pajama day and art with Ms. Beth. We made scarecrows and put pajamas on them too!

The kids are loving the dramatic play area. We hear lots of hammering, sawing and laughter. I brought in some actual pipes and fittings that plumber use. We talked about what things in your house you need pipes for.

Also we added a sandwich shop. Where our workers can grab a bite to eat.

We talked about electricity. I talked to the kids about static electricity. We did an experiment- the kids rubbed balloons on their heads , and looked in the mirror to see their hair sticking up. Also we picked up rice crispy cereal with the balloons.

Our letter of the week was Aa. We talked about the sounds that long A and short A make. Also we made letter A books.

I brought in some real tools that construction workers use. The kids got a closer look and feel for the tools.

We celebrated Rowan’s birthday on Thursday. We had a special treat, read a birthday book and Rowan got a special hot wheels crown.

Next we will continue with our construction theme. The letter of the week will be Tt . Please bring in a show and tell that starts with the letter Tt.

Shabbat Shalom, Amanda and Randi