Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had a great week in the Yarok room. Although the weather was cool, we got to go outside every day and enjoy the fall weather. We had new job helpers. Andrew was the messenger, Brooklynn was our meteorologist; Quinn was our calendar counter, Seth was our line leader and Rowan chose our books for the week.

This week we talked about Sukkot. The different ways to build a Sukkah and what kinds of decorations we could incorporate. Next week we’re having lunch in the school Sukkah. 

We also discussed the meaning of the etrog & lulav. The kids were able to shake the Lulav in 6 directions to symbolize that G-d is everywhere.

We learned new Sukkah songs this week. The children made their own Sukkahs out of cardboard boxes. We went for a nature walk on a beautiful fall day to collect leaves and sticks to decorate our sukkahs. They turned out really cute and the kids had lots of fun working on them.

We created a small fruit and vegetable market in our play kitchen. The kids collected fruits and vegetables in small paper bags. There was more race car driving, and complicated tracks, puzzles; art and doll house.

Today, the kids were starting to show signs of being cold while playing outside. Please have them bring warmer clothing as we head into cooler weather.

Please remember every Tuesday we will have a show and tell. They can bring their favorite toy or book. We will be working on the letter “S” next week!

Have a great weekend Ms. Amanda and Ms. Randi