Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Welcome to official fall, Yarok families. The weather was wonderful this week, and I hope it continues well into fall. I’m not ready for coats just yet! This week we continued gelling our class community, switching up the jobs with Evie as messenger, Millie as calendar mathematician, Quinn as meteorologist, Colette as line leader, and Lucy as librarian.

We also had our first Hebrew lesson with Rabbi Crimmings in person on the playground. It was tons of fun, and we hope to have that every other week in the afternoons moving forward. 

We also took a deeper look into bees and why they are more than just honey-makers for people. We began our week by going to the sunflower garden and cutting some flowers to study in our room. The kids got up close to the petals, the seeds, and the pollen on the flower heads. When we were outside, we saw two bees on a sunflower maybe 8 feet above the ground! 

We then read some informative books about beekeepers and bees this week that got us thinking. Plastic models of the life cycle of a honeybee helped teach the concepts and talk about the differences between bees and wasps.  Each day, the kids could paint, stamp, and draw bee pictures. Some kids made hives to hang on our apple tree. 

The kids were also able to play with the concepts as beekeepers using some props like pom-poms for pollen and nectar, straw hats for bee hats, spatulas for scraper tools, and squirt bottles for bee smokers. Later in the week, they made a hive out of some cardboard crate pieces and tape, which was great fun.

Then, the kids got to become bees for the morning. They collected nectar (yellow-colored water) and pollen (cotton balls) from flowers (artificial) with their proboscis tongues (droppers and pipettes) and then transferred the nectar into the hive cells (plastic egg cartons). It’s such a fun way to learn, and the kids were literally buzzing all around our flower area. We could’ve stayed out there all morning! 

Also this week, some book making, more race cars and tracks, more ramps, transportation puzzles, legos, dollhouse play with forest animals, and some amazing chalk drawing outside.

On Friday, we will talk about Yom Kippur as it relates to a preschooler (apologies, making amends). Don’t forget- no school on Monday.

A peek at next week: We’re getting ready for Sukkot, as the holidays keep coming! 

L’hitraot and l’shana tovah,

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Randi