Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had an exciting, fun week in the Yarok Pre-K room. We spent time focused on Rosh Hashanah, talking about tradition and doing projects. We are also becoming a more cohesive classroom. The children are making closer friendships, easily following routines and expectations.

Rowan, Seth and Quinn found creative ways to create ramps for their hot wheels. They brought in blocks, chairs and classroom furniture to add to their menagerie. They are becoming future race track designers.

Everyone had fun doing apple printing. They cut the apples out and placed them on a paper tree in our classroom . We now have a blooming apple tree.

They are loving creating things out of playdough: bakery shop, pizza shop and our most in demand toy the volcano press.

This week we started a job chart. Lucy gave us the daily message each day, Brooklynn did a great job with the calendar, Andrew was our meteorologist , Seth picked the book of the day, and Rowan was our line leader. Next week we’ll switch jobs so everyone gets a turn.

Show  and Tell was successful . Everyone brought in their favorite book. Each child stood in the middle of the circle and explained what their book was about. We took their pictures to make a wall collage in our reading area.

The children are connecting with each other, and their teachers. Amanda and I love the flow of our day, and how kind the children interact with each other. They are forming trust with their teachers, and are a joy to be with.

 Next week we will learn about bees and Yom Kippur.

Randi and Amanda.