Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

What a week! Welcome families to the Yarok PreK room. Randi and I are so excited to begin this year with your children. The week went by like a whirlwind as we began getting to know each other and setting up the routines and rhythm of our day.

The week was spent watching the kids interact with the materials in the room. It was so exciting to see the kids find areas of the room to engage in, and then find out that other kids liked similar things. As the days went on, Randi and I noticed the kids grouping up from time to time, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in threes, and we tried to capture photos to show the groupings. Rowan and Seth discovered early on that they both love making ramps and playing with Hot Wheels cars. This friendship is blooming, and they’ve played this every day. 

Colette, Brooklynn, and Quinn have realized that their shared love of Paw Patrol plays well on the playground outside. Inside the room, they continue to stick together, gravitating towards pretend play and games. 

On Thursday, Andrew and Lucy played next to each other, one with animals, the other building with blocks. At some point, they decided jointly to combine their efforts and build a zoo. Nice connection and collaboration, and exactly what we hope for in our class this year! 

Millie and Evie have played mostly in the housekeeping and dollhouse areas, but are also spending time every day drawing and coloring their own creations. I watched them bring Brooklynn into their game today on the playground: they were so kind and welcoming! 

Speaking of welcoming, this was our first weekly Second Step lesson this week. We learned about how to welcome kids into our room, how some kids can be shy, and reminded ourselves how there are things we all have in common. Our puppet for Second Step, named David, was a fun surprise to the kids. We came up with some rules for our classroom to keep it safe and peaceful. We’ll write it up and have everyone sign it next week, then post it on our wall to remind ourselves of our brit, agreement.  

Randi and I are striving to make trusting connections with your children. We know that they are only going to learn when they feel safe, so we are working hard to explain our routines, prove we are trustworthy, and maintain a peaceful environment. We so hope your child had fun and told you something funny they learned about their teachers at home! 

Thank you for sending back their news notebooks and the little circle with hopes and dreams for PreK. We will share the notebooks in class on Tuesday, then send them back home for you to write more for the next week. Show and Tell will be on Tuesday too, since that’s the only day when all nine kids are in class. For this week, the kids should pick out a favorite book from home to bring. We’ll take a picture of it with them to make a display in our book area. 

A peek at next week: all about apples and Rosh Hashanah! 

L’hitraot, Ms. Randi and Ms. Amanda