Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We’ve had so much fun over the past three weeks in August. I always find myself looking back on August, glad that we packed so much in, but still wishing it would last a little longer. Shalom to Emmett, Isaac, and Maya: we know you will make so many new friends and learn so many new things in Kindergarten. We’ll miss you, but you’re all ready for the next step.

The week of August 10th centered on the solar system. What do we know? What do we want to know? Turns out, all the kids have a favorite planet already! Be sure to ask your child theirs. We made a sun and planets to scale, and it was really fun for the kids to paint on the floor, as our sun was so big, I had to move the tables around just to have enough space. Afterwards, I hung it up on the wall: it was huge, and Pluto (one of Emmett’s faves) was just a speck of a dot in comparison.

We also celebrated Emmett’s belated and Isaac’s birthdays this week with socially distanced visits from their families, crowns, and treats! 

The week of August 17th saw the kids exploring ideas around aliens from outer space. They got to make flying saucers, planets, clay aliens, and alien crowns. From photos I saw, it looks like they also had a great time with Show and Tell on Wednesday. Thank you to Ms. Randi, Ms. Sarah, and Skyler for taking over for me while I spent some vacation time with my family. I heard the kids were kind and respectful which is always a blessing to hear. 

This week, we focused our activities on rocket building. Each day, we made a different type of rocket. On Monday, we talked about how astronauts needed numbers, and all agreed that they do. The one thing all kids know about rocket ships is that there is a countdown before blastoff. Then, we drew rockets. Some of the kids wrote numbers counting down from 10 to 1 on their drawings. Tuesday, we made straw rockets and used our air to propel the rocket. Wednesday, we made balloon rockets, the air contained out of our bodies to fuel the rocket- plus it illustrated how the force of the air going out pushes the balloon in the opposite direction. Cool! Thursday, we added fuel to a small capsule rocket with alka-seltzer tablets. On Friday, our last day of summer, we will launch some water rockets using a spray nozzle on our garden hose. Should be exciting! 

A reminder that we have no school next week. I’ll be sending home extra summer clothes and artwork. The teachers will be attending development workshops and our rooms will be cleaned and refreshed for school beginning back after Labor Day. Good luck to our new kindergartners; we will miss you! To those coming back to PreK, I can’t wait to greet you with a clean room and a fresh start to the fall. 


Ms. Amanda