Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Welcome to official fall, Yarok families. The weather was wonderful this week, and I hope it continues well into fall. I’m not ready for coats just yet! This week we learned about the letter C, how to be an efficient listener at school, bees, and more about Rosh Hashanah, all while learning to get along peacefully with each other in our classroom community. 

Monday: What do we do on an art class day? Lots of art! This morning, the kids wanted to paint with all the colors, so I loaded up some palettes and each of them made such cool original work! I’d have loved to display them in my room, but they all wanted to bring them home.

Then, in art class with Ms. Beth, they got to decorate some “trees” which turned out just beautifully. 

Tuesday: This morning, I introduced the letter Cc to the kids during our meeting. After lunch, we had a great lesson about the importance of listening in our SecondStep program. Along with the puppets David and Miriam, we learned a fun song about getting ready to listen with some hand movements that the kids showed me. Sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”,

“Eyes are watching, ears are listening, voice is quiet, body calm. This is how we listen, this is how we listen, at group time, at group time.”

I’m going to make posters for our class with the kids’ photos so we can refer to them often. They are great reminders of being prepared to learn.

Happy Birthday to Maya who turned 5 on Tuesday! Her mom came in and read a a funny story about birds on a wire playing the telephone game. Then we played it after and shared lots of laughs!

Wednesday: Today we had a fun time in music class with the Cantor. We sang a fun shofar song among many others. In our meeting, we talked about bees and what they do.

We read a book called The Beeman and learned how honey is made. Some kids made bees looking closely at pictures from books and a plastic model. The pictures are made with oil pastel crayons and will be placed around our beehive and apple tree outside our classroom door on Friday.

Thursday: Today, the kids helped me to create a beehive using bubble wrap and yellow paint. On a big piece of paper, the kids helped me color an apple tree to decorate with symbols of Rosh Hashanah. During our meeting, we practiced writing shapes on small whiteboards. Most can recognize and name their shapes, while many are just learning how to make triangles and rectangles. All the kids can make a circle, which is wonderful to me. They’ll all get there, and I’m just beginning to see what they can do. All the kids showed a spontaneous interest in alphabet activities today too-as I have so many letters all around the room. Next week, we will create our classroom alphabet, and I think they’ll really enjoy it.

Friday: Today will be a busy day at school. First off, we’ll review a short book about honeybees and the important jobs they do. Using this knowledge, the kids will gather nectar (yellow-colored water) from flowers (artificial) with their tongues (droppers and pipettes) and then transfer the nectar into the hive cells (plastic egg cartons). It’s such a fun way to learn, and the kids may even do some bee dancing for me. Did you know bees “dance”? They do! It’s their way of giving directions to other bees about the best flower locations. 

A peek at next week: We will make a classroom alphabet, learn about the letter Dd, and talk about Yom Kippur as it relates to a preschooler (apologies, making amends). Don’t forget- no school on Monday.

L’hitraot and l’shana tovah,

Ms. Amanda