Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had a great time in Yarok these past two weeks! Our sunflowers are now 18” tall, and our vegetable garden has already yielded some tomatoes and strawberries. We continue to coexist with dozens of black baby frogs on our playground, and sometimes we see bright green tree frogs too. 

Last week, we talked about turtles and learned lots of turtle facts. We began our pond mural, and it’s looking really nice. We set up a racing game based on the story of the tortoise and the hare to play with dice, giving the kids lots of numeracy practice. 

This week, we talked a lot about ponds and fish. We made a paper pond for our classroom, collected some pond water to observe (we had a live worm, beetle and other small critters in our water sample), and made pond sensory boxes with sand, water and other loose parts. 

Today in class, we turned our rectangle table upside down and created a canoe. The kids were so involved in taping up the walls. We played so much, no one wanted to stop for our meetings or snack time.  

Friday, we are going to go fishing with magnets in our little ponds, getting in literacy practice with alphabet magnets. 

Next week, we will wrap up our pond month by learning about ducks. We’ll also have some experiments with waterways on the playground as we talk about creeks and rivers. Looking at some maps, we’ll learn to read bodies of water and recognize what map keys are. 

A peek at August: the last month of summer is devoted to our solar system and space travel pretend play. I’ve got lots of great books and materials as well as science experiments for us to explore.