Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

The past two weeks have flown by in the Yarok PreK room. We started off the last week of June by learning about kites. We read a few books with characters who make their own kites, then we gathered some materials that looked similar and got to work. With their oversized butcher paper, they decided what kind of kite they wanted. I helped cut out the initial shape, and then left them to decorate with streamers and colors. All spread out on the ground and working, they all agreed that they loved days like this! After they were deemed “done”, I added some wooden dowels and string with their help, and they took them home. Maya sent a picture of her kite flying at home! At school, we had a store-bought kite that we flew on the playground: I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of them flying it though! 

Our garden is growing with all the heat we’ve been experiencing. We have a small eggplant, some peppers, and also tomatoes. The sunflowers are now solidly established and growing taller. This month they’ll probably grow inches a day (kind of like your kids seem to be growing!). 

This week, we have begun talking and learning about the pond. We learned about frogs and their life cycle. We also read a great book called Pond Circle that introduces the food chain in ponds and the diversity of animals in wetland environments. I really like this book for reading with a group and stopping and predicting what may come next on the page. We decided to make a mural of pond animals, but will wait until next week to begin. Emmett came to school with a cool paper lightsaber he made, and he taught the others how to make them, so the kids were very engaged in this project for most of their free time. 

Our camping dramatic play area was introduced this week. We brainstormed what kind of props we needed and how we could play in the area. These were great ideas, and I’ve been adding one or two items a day so that they don’t get bored of the place too soon! This week, we just had a tent, grill, and some paper dishes. The kids made hot dogs out of construction paper and clear tape, which are perfect for grilling! 

We also played with some blue water beads in individual tubs as a sensory experience. I loved listening to them create stories as they played and explored the feel of these slippery balls. They watched them grow from a tiny bead into a sphere in their tubs. We wondered what would happen if we took one out of the water. So, we tried it, and the next morning, it had returned to it’s tiny bead size, just like most of them predicted! 

Next week, we’ll talk a lot about turtles, go out to the pond to collect a water sample to study, and really get into our pond mural.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda