Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Welcome to summer in the yarok preK room! We’ve been focused on the season of summer, learning how to invite others to play and to join in a group to play, and some vocabulary words like habitat and prediction

Our dramatic play area is devoted to an ice cream shop, so this week we made our own ice cream. Using the rotary beaters to whip the whipping cream was fun for everyone, as was adding the mix-ins and finally tasting it! If you want to try it again at home, it’s just one pint of whipping cream, whipped with one can of sweetened condensed milk (like Eagle Brand). That’s it! 

We’ve had a lot of fun learning about caterpillars over the past two weeks. Our caterpillars grew fast and this week, they are now in their chrysalids. Yesterday, the class collected some green leaves and sticks to create a habitat for them once they emerge as butterflies. Everyone watched closely as I transferred them into their new home. Very exciting! The kids are logging the changes in little books they are making.

Another fun summer activity is gardening. We prepared and planned for our garden by choosing vegetable and fruit plants everyone liked. One day, we planned our own gardens using paper. It’s good to plan! When the garden dirt arrived, we got busy planting. Ms. Maddie discovered that our sprinkler works well as a garden hose when turned upside down! I hope we have some vegetables to watch grow in our garden this summer, but even if all we have are the flowers, it will be worth it to have some green space to care for. 

Next week, the kids and I will learn more about worms and how they can help the earth. It’s always a fun week. We’ll also welcome back Emmett to our class! 


Ms. Amanda