Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

The first week of March brought a touch of spring into our school, as the snow melted considerably on the playground. We still have lots more melting to go until the kids can safely climb on the tall structure, but the end is in sight. 

We learned a lot about Purim this week, reading a detailed book about Queen Esther and how her bravery saved the day.

At the beginning of the week, the kids each drew a picture of the kind of castle they would want in our classroom.

Using those ideas (hint: lots of windows), I began creating some walls to enclose a small area of the room. The cardboard castle is now partially up, and now there are flags and colored walls for decoration. I’ll add more as the month goes on, a little at a time, so they keep interest in the area.

The kids decorated some crowns for pretend play and made their own masks to take home on Thursday.

We learned about the letter V this week (yay, Vivi!) and our list grows each day. Marko discovered that there are only four more letters left in the alphabet. After Z, we will have a week-long party in our room celebrating all things alphabetical. Let me know if you’d like to help us celebrate! 

I brought out my huge bucket of Legos this week, and the kids have been busy building cars, staircases and ships. It’s great fine-motor skill work as well as story-telling practice. Some say Legos are the perfect toy, and I won’t disagree.

All of the winter bird books went home this week- please enjoy this keepsake from your Prek’r as they worked so hard on them. Our next class book will be a book about themselves, beginning next week. 

On Friday, we will be making hamantaschen cookies in class using dough already prepared. We will sing all our favorite Purim songs too, as well as celebrate Shabbat with services in the morning. 

A peek at next week: All week we’ll be talking about the letter W. On Monday and Tuesday, we’ll continue our Purim fun by making groggers and shalach manot (gift baskets), wearing costumes and having a parade on Tuesday. The rest of the week we’ll segue into fairy tales, with art and puppet shows. 


Ms. Amanda